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We are a boutique strata management agency.

Strata Management

With more than 12 years’ experience in managing strata properties, we have established ourselves as a trusted, professional and responsive strata management solution with a personalised approach.

Elite by name, elite by nature.

Elite Services

Personalised customer service is the cornerstone of Strata Elite. As a boutique strata management agency, business takes the moniker seriously – Elite by name, elite by nature.

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We can help with the administration and management of a strata scheme, which is a type of property ownership that involves shared common areas and facilities in a multi-unit development such as an apartment building or townhouse complex.


We can administer and manage a strata scheme that is used for commercial purposes, such as an office building or a retail complex. Like residential strata schemes, commercial strata schemes involve shared common areas and facilities that are owned and managed by a body corporate.


We can manage your factory or warehouse including; budgets, collect strata fees, arrange repairs and maintenance, enforce bylaws, and manage tenant relations.

Strata Elite

We can provide you with financial management expertise, reporting and attention to detail regardiong your strata income and expenditure and associated cash flows. Strata company funds are held in your individual trust account.


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